Take Action

Now it is time to implement your plan and reach your goals

Time to Work

You know what you want, are free of obstacles, prepared for obstacles, and you have a plan. Now you have to implement that plan to reach your goals. You have to do it! It’s now time for you to do the work and make your dreams come true.

Don’t make the mistake of looking at the entire plan or even the goal and become discouraged thinking that the task is just too big. This is where Kaizen shines. You take small steps to get to the destination. Just look at the next step, not the destination.

One Step at a Time

Kaizen is a principle that I use to accomplish goals. It is a principle in which you constantly improve in small increments or consistently get closer to your goal by taking small steps. Therefore, don’t worry about the conditions miles away, so to speak. Just consider the next step.¬†

We will evaluate your progress as you move closer to your goal. Things always change during the journey, but that is no problem. You’ll just change your plan the same way the GPS system in your car says, “Recalculating.” The steps towards the goal are easier to manage since we are taking small steps using Kaizen.

You’ll reach your goal step by step, little by little.¬†

It’s Up To You

It is critical to understand that your life coach cannot accomplish your goals for you. You must do the work. My job is more like a facilitator to help you and keep you accountable. I will do everything in my power to help you, but at the end of the day, you must get it done.


Imagine the day when you have accomplished what you set out to do. Imagine when congratulations are in order and you can hold your head high and proclaim, “I did it!” That day is coming. Keep working the plan until you succeed and then you and I will celebrate.

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