Coaching to Help You Succeed

Helping You to be Liberated To Achieve Your Dreams

Our Life-Changing Coaching Packages

Think BIG and Succeed

This coaching package is designed to help you expand your thinking, develop real goals, and achieve your heart’s desire.

Pursue a Happy Marriage

This coaching package is designed  to help you establish a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Life, Success, and God

Incorporate Biblical principles to uproot negative religious beliefs and to incorporate God into your normal life leading to your success.

Your Business and Career

This package is designed to help you start a new business or obtian skills for a new career.

Think BIG and Succeed

Are you actively pursuing your heart’s desire or are you merely going to work, paying the bills, and other responsibilities?

Let’s go through a process to identify and achieve your heart’s desires.

Key Benefits

Identify What You Really Want - Your Heart's Desires

Develop a Plan to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Acquire a Sense of Fulfillment To Achieve Even More

A Sense of Empowerment to Dream Even BIGGER

Pursue a Happy Marriage

I will educate you and provide insight from over 32 years of marriage to help you develop a plan to establish a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Key Benefits

An Improved and Happier YOU

Tools and Methods For Working on Your Marriage

More Intimacy, Romance, and Commitment

A Happy Marraige

Life, Success, and God

As a Christian, I believe that there is a spiritual component to life and that God will help us in what we do. Even the Bible tells us this. Therefore, I created this coaching package to help people incorporate and reconcile their life with God’s ways to obtain optimal success.

Key Benefits


A Sense of Peace Between You and God

Spiritual Liberation

A Sense of Peace With Yourself

A More Productive Belief System

Your Business & Career

Let me help you start a business or a new career. Sometimes we want to make changes in our lives but need a helping hand to keep on point. That’s where this service comes into play. Not only that, being an IT professional as well as being a life coach, I can directly assist you with the tech.

Key Benefits

Assistance establishing your business

Assistance in learning a new skill

Assistance establishing a website

Roadmap to your new business or career

Someone to Talk To

This package enables you to discuss a situation you are going through, a decision you need to make, or anything that a listening and objective ear would benefit you.

Key Benefits

Someone to Truly Listen

A Sense of Peace

Help with decisions

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

The first step is to set up a free 1:1 virtual session to discuss your objectives and see if Liberty to Life life coaching services is right for you.

Choose a Coaching Plan

Select the coaching plan that meets your needs. Plans can be tweaked if necessary to accomodate specific requirements if necessary.

Reach Your Goals

Now we will get started with your coaching sessions so that you would reach your goals as quickly as possible.

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