Develop the Plan

Create a path for accomplishing your goals

Why a Plan?

Look around you. If you are sitting in your home or any other building, everything you see was planned. Your house didn’t just happen one day. A bunch of people didn’t get together with a mass of materials and throw together a house. No. There were plans, i.e., blueprints that were used to build your house.

Plans are necessary to provide an organized path to the goals before us. Trying to accomplish your goals without a plan is like driving someplace but you have no idea how to get there. You’ll spend a lot of time driving around hoping you could find the place.

Another reason that plans are necessary for accomplishing your goals is that they are measurable. Going back to my driving example, if you plan your route to the destination then you can always measure your progress. You can tell how far along the route you are and make adjustments if necessary.

Creating a Plan

There are several steps that are necessary to create a plan to accomplish your goals, which I will not get into here. Suffice it for me to say that once you generate a plan given all the information you have (e.g., the defined goals, obstacles, etc.), you can create a route to your destination, i.e., a plan to reach your goal.

Note that this plan is probably not going to be the final version. As you travel towards your goal, you might need to modify the plan to accommodate changing conditions or the like.

Your plan will be like the blueprint for a house for reaching your goals. You would have thought about the things you might encounter on the way, the things you will need, and much more. This will help reduce the stress of implementation.


You need a plan if you want to accomplish your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I will help you create your plan. I will help you develop a strategy and route to accomplish your goals. I will work with you while you’re on your way to success to help you make adjustments as needed or to be a type of cheerleader for you.

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