William Reggie Cunningham

Liberty to Life Coach

Helping to Liberate You to Achieve Your Heart’s Desires

Hi, I’m Reggie. My job as your life coach is to help you achieve your heart’s desires and to live your new abundant life.

My Story

I have been aware of God since I was seven years old or so. I developed a personal relationship with God as I grew in the Christian faith.  I have been in ministry in one way or another most of my life, starting with teaching Sunday school to pastoring Oasis Christian Fellowship and Pursuing the Truth Ministries Church. I’ve served in leadership roles in other churches and even played piano and keyboard in a few. I founded Pursuing the Truth Ministries as a medium for publishing my Bible studies and articles.

I’ve taught lunchtime Bible studies where I used to work, monthly family fellowship Bible studies, Bible studies in churches, and tele-Bible studies. I’ve done seminars and workshops on topics from a Christian perspective. I’ve counseled people with various issues involving a Christian worldview, including financial and marriage issues. I’ve helped people with marital issues, starting a new business, self-esteem issues, and much more.

I have written two books and am working on more. I have also written many study guides and eBooks in an effort to help people to be free and succeed. I realized that religion is one of the greatest obstacles in a person’s life. It hinders one from thinking BIG and achieving great things. Much of my writings are designed to reveal the religious obstacles so that people would truly pursue their dreams.

I’ve always encouraged people to pursue their dreams and did what I could to help them do it. God has wired me to help people, to serve people. I try to encourage people to think BIG and achieve their heart’s desire. I tell people all the time to “Pursue your dreams.”

I decided to pursue life coaching because it was a perfect fit for my life’s purpose and it would allow me to help people outside of the religious community. I’ve been kind of a life coach most of my life and decided to make it a specific goal. 

My Values & Beliefs

People have the capacity to do great things

My parents instilled in me that I could do whatever I wanted to do. All I needed was knowledge, wisdom, and action. They were always so supportive of me and my brothers. I believe that you can do great things regardless of what you think of yourself now. 

I'm Christian but not religious

I’m a Christian but I will not dump religion on you. As a matter of fact, true Christianity is not religious at all. One of the things that I do is to help people be free of binding and hurtful religious beliefs. This is an area that I have helped many people with.

I believe in people helping each other

What if everyone looked out for each other? What a world we would have. Though our world may not be like that, it doesn’t mean that we can’t at least contribute to that idealized goal. Love each other. Care for each other. Help each other. Use your success to help someone else succeed.

I believe in being straight with people

It is good when people can be honest with each other and not be concerned about accusations of offense. Instead, we can be candid and understood that we are only trying to help. Being honest and to the point along with respect go along way in helping and being helped.

There is always a solution

I developed the mindset that there is always a solution to a problem while working in the information technology industry. Whenever I would come upon a problem, I assumed there was a solution and I simply needed to find it. The same applies, in my opinion, to our lives. There is always a solution or a proper course of action. We just need to find the solution and sometimes we require the help of someone like a life coach to find them.

You can learn much more about me and my activities at www.williamrcunningham.com

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