Liberty to Life Coaching

Do You Want To Be Liberated To Accomplish Your Dreams?

Become liberated from strongholds and live an abundant life!

How I can help you

Think BIG and Succeed

Pursue and accomplish the desires of your heart. Turn your fear into victory and your desire into reality.

Pursue a Happy Marriage

Transform your marriage into a fulfilling and happy one with this marriage coaching package.

Life, Success, and God

Know God personally and overcome limiting religious beliefs that hinder your success and peace of mind.

Your Business and Career

Designed to help you start a business or excel in a new or existing career path.

Bring Your Dreams to Life!

Get help, encouragement, insights, and accountability to pursue and achieve your heart’s desires.

I will help you…

  • Start that business you’ve talked about for so long.
  • Establish a happy and fulfilling marriage.
  • Reconcile your life with God to move toward success
  • Overcome limiting religious beliefs to succeed
  • Establish and accomplish your goals


Liberty to Life Coaching

My objective is simply to help you succeed. Your challenge may be in starting a business, having a personal and intimate relationship with God, achieving something you’ve dreamed about, or enjoying a happy marriage. Get started now by scheduling a discovery session.

The Kaizen Concept

I incorporate a very effective philosophy that the Japanese calls Kaizen, which stresses continuous improvement by making small changes regularly. It was originally used in manufacturing but its principles apply to almost anything, including personal development and accomplishing goals.

What is The Process Like?

Liberty to Life uses a four-step process to help you experience your abundant life. This includes identifying the dream(s), liberation from hindrances, developing a plan, and taking action. These four simple but powerful steps will enable you to have a systematic and measurable way to accomplish your goals.

1. Identify What Your Heart Desires

The first step in the process is to get to know you and what you would truly want to achieve if there were nothing hindering you. 

I’ll help you to search your heart and identify its true desire. You can achieve what you want and my job is to help you forge a path to get there.

2. Identify and Get Free of Obstacles

What is keeping you from pursuing your dreams? What things might hinder you from achieving the desires of your heart. The purpose of this step is to answer those questions.

Here I will help you identify those things that you think may hinder you from accomplishing your goals. Those things may include fears, beliefs, a perceived lack of knowledge or experience, and even religious teachings that have taken hold of you.

3. Develop a Plan

You know what you want and you have been liberated from those things that have held you back. Now we need a plan to move forward to accomplish your goals.

The purpose of this step is to help you to develop a plan for moving forward to accomplish your goals. You will use your plan to move closer to your goal step by step until it is achieved.

We will evaluate the progress along the way and I will help you adjust the plan as needed. You’ll always have someone to talk to and to bounce ideas off.

4. Take Action - Implement the Plan

In this step, you will implement the plan that you have developed with your coach’s help. We will meet, according to the coaching play you have chosen, to evaluate the progress of the plan and make adjustments as needed.

Just imagine the day when you can say, “I did it!” That will be a day of celebration, contemplation, and joy.

The Basic Process

The Dream

What are your heart’s desires and are you pursuing them?

The Freedom

Let’s break free of those things that hinder your success.

The Plan

Let’s create a plan of action for you to achieve your dreams.

The Action

Now that you know your dream and have a plan, it’s time to TAKE ACTION.

About Me

Coach Reggie

My name is William Reginal Cunningham, but you can call me Reggie. I am a certified life coach, published author, Christian minister, and technology professional. I help people to dream BIG and achieve their heart’s desire.

I have been helping people in the areas of ministry, technology, business, and personal goals for over 25 years and I would love to help you achieve your heart’s desires.

Succeed Like a CEO or Billionaire!

Did you know that successful basketball players, football players, boxers, CEOs, and billionaires incorporate coaching into their pursuit of excellence?

Don’t limit yourself to the thinking of those around you, your culture, or the environment that you live in. Dream without limits. Dream BIG! Pursue your dreams and accomplish your heart’s desires with my help.

Picture the day when you say, “I did it!” Why not get started now on the path to that success, that accomplishment. Why don’t you join the many highly successful people and move forward to your desired BIG achievements?


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